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Shelleyfield Realty LLC

Real Estate Investments For Everyday People

Real Estate Investing With Shelleyfield Realty LLC

Investing is the key that unlocks the door to a free financial future. Investing should be for everyone, but unfortunately, many in the industry have over-complicated the process to scare off the everyday person—but not us!. At Shelleyfield Realty LLC, we have helped dozens of investors start their journey towards a free financial future through well-structured real estate investments. Our process is simple, effective, and designed to be duplicated to produce returns for our investors.

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"I am waiting for more"
I am approaching 60 and wanted a safer investment in the volatile economy we are in. I received monthly checks on the 3 rd of every month and my principal was paid back 2 months in advance. I have been involved in 3 Shelleyfield deals and am waiting for more.
- Mike, Bethpage NY
"I felt comfortable"
I chose a lump sum payment at the end of my investment term and it was paid in full right on time. A quick and easy way to make 10% on my money. James and Tyler walked me through every aspect of the deal and I felt comfortable with my $25,000 investment.
- Moshin, San Diego CA
"I would absolutely do it again"
First time investing with Shelleyfield Realty and I would absolutely do it again. They were there to answer my questions and made the whole experience stress free. Highly recommend
- Nick, Levittown NY
"I loved the return and process"
I was hesitant at first getting into the real estate game. I trusted James and Tyler to make the right investment and they helped me learn along the way. I have now even started buying my own deals because I loved the return and process
- Kyle, Smithtown NY