About Us

In 2018, Managing Partner’s Tyler Byrne and James Ragusa purchased their first home, a 3 Unit deal in Oneonta, New York for $152,000. This was the first step in a real estate investing journey that has now produced a total of 13 units and 21 satisfied investors. While the business is still in the early stages, the lessons learned and the relationships that have been fostered have helped establish the foundation for a free financial future to all involved. At Shelleyfield Realty LLC, the core belief behind each deal is to establish and achieve a symbiotic relationship for all the parties involved:

  • Quality housing and excellent management leads to a positive tenant experience
  • A positive tenant experience helps to lower vacancy rates
  • Low vacancy rates lead to safer investments
  • Safe investments lead to happy investors

As the managing partners of this business, James and Tyler have vowed to make sure every investor feels secure and informed before they take their first step toward financial freedom. Learn a little bit more about the core values of their business below:

Tyle Byrne

James Ragusa